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Being terrible is part of our charm.

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Gary Stephen

What is Protect Your Unit?

Protect Your Unit is the college football pick'em contest operated by Voodoo Five The Daily Stampede.

This contest combines our love of two of life's greatest gifts: college football and degenerate gambling. It also proves that beating the spread, no matter how much college football you watch, is often tougher than it looks. The greatness of this contest is, besides proving how wealthy you would really be if you just bet all your net worth on college football like you want to, when you're wrong there are no pawn shops or payday loans involved. We're doing this for fun, and to see who's the best college football gambler of them all. That guy should move to Vegas and just shop lines all day... because why not??

Can I play?

Was Skip Holtz an epic disaster? Of course you can! The contest is open to all Daily Stampede readers as well as our friends throughout the college football blogosphere. Email GarySJ with your SBNation member name, desired password, team you support, and your blog/Twitter (if any). We'll get you squared away faster than your bookie finds you after going 0-6 and not covering your double-down on Monday Night Football, or the WNBA parlay that was just ohsoclose and oh God 1-888-Admit-it and do you know how to get a cash advance on an Old Navy gift card?

Why is it called "Protect Your Unit?"

The contest takes its name from the sage advice often given by legendary broadcaster Chris Thomas of sports radio WDAE in Tampa. CT was our role model for balancing a fulfilling professional career with openly being a true degenerate (and usually a profitable one).

We miss him for so many reasons (our favorite being how he would annually broadcast the Outback Bowl with Jack Harris and a raging hangover), but one of the biggest was every Friday during football season he ran a picks contest with his listeners on air. People would call in and give and the reasons why they were picking the games they chose. We want you to do the same: participate in the weekly thread saying why you chose the picks you did. This is where the comedy ensues. RIP Chris.

Are there prizes?

Of course there are prizes! And they are just great, like... um, well, we're working on that. We've been so busy getting this website up and running (and chasing down exotic beers and bourbons for our tailgates this year) that we haven't had a chance to nail them down yet. Trust us, we're absolutely going to make this worth your while. Sponsors and stuff, we mean it. But give us a few weeks on this one.

(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)