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Try for the Most Degenerate Bet of the Week!

9/9/14: "Submit" button is now labeled "Wager". I will soon be unveiling a "Parlay" button so this rewording was necessary. It works the same as before.

9/6/14: All bets on the Alabama-FAU game are void, due to the game ending before 55 minutes were played.

12/18/13: Fixed error where the site was still limiting you to $250/25% of bankroll. Bowl season allows up to $500/50%.

12/16/13: For bowl season, you must pick 5 games, including 2 American/former Big East games. Your maximum bet is $500, or 50% of what you had at the start of bowl season.

You are not logged in. Please log in above to enter your picks. American Athletic Conference/former Big East games in red or blue. You may enter bets until one hour before kickoff time. All times Eastern.

INSTRUCTIONS: Check each game you want to wager on, and click Submit. On the next screen, you will enter the amounts. Each game you pick will be a straight wager (not a parlay) as the parlay screen is not yet finished. Until further notice, please email Gary any parlays you wish to place.

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